Trasimeno Lake

An area rich in history, art and traditions with numerous medieval villages

Lake Trasimeno, a real natural paradise, is the fourth lake of Italy in size and is located in the northern part of Umbria, on the border with Tuscany.

The territory of Lake Trasimeno is rich in history, art and traditions. In fact, staying on Lake Trasimeno also means discovering and visiting the beautiful medieval villages of the area such as Castiglione del Lago, Città della Pieve, Passignano, Tuoro, Panicale, Paciano and Piegaro, but also experiencing the place through the numerous festivals and historical re-enactments that take place throughout the year.

Lake Trasimeno is also nature, relaxation and sport, there are numerous activities that can be practiced in the area , such as outdoor sports including trekking, bike or horse riding itineraries, or water sports such as fishing, kytesurfing, canoeing and sailing. 

The beautiful islands, Maggiore and Polvese are definitely worth a visit >, which can be reached all year round by boat. Lake Trasimeno has been a Regional Park since 1995 and is characterized by a wetland where, among the reeds, you can find wild ducks, cormorants, kites and kingfishers.

To discover the fish and bird fauna of Lake Trasimeno you can visit the Oasi La Valle di San Feliciano, while to learn the secrets of the fishermen and the tools they use, you can visit the San Feliciano Fishing Museum in the municipality of Magione.

The area of Lake Trasimeno is also ideal for those who love good food, you can taste excellent dishes based on lake fish and in particular eel, perch and tench, taste the Trasimeno bean and all the typical dishes of traditional Umbrian and Tuscan cuisine.

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Discovering historic towns and cities located around Lake Trasimeno

The Legend of Agilla and Trasimeno

The love between the nymph Agilla and the prince Trasimeno

The origins of the name of Lake Trasimeno go back to a legendary story of love, that between the nymph Agilla and Prince Trasimeno.

Legend has it that Agilla, the nymph of the lake, fell in love with Trasimeno, the beautiful prince son of Tirreno.

Agilla managed to lure Trasimeno to the center of the lake with her song, right here love was born between the two.

However, their happiness lasted only one day, Trasimeno while taking a bath in the lake, observed by Agilla who had remained on the shore, it suddenly disappeared under the waters of the lake.

The nymph searched for her prince incessantly, day after day, checking every vessel that crossed the waters, until she died in a boat in the middle of the lake.

Since that moment it is said that, on summer evenings, the breeze that can be felt on the lake and the leaves of the trees on the banks, it recalls a kind of lament, that lament is the song of the nymph Agilla who is still looking for her beautiful prince.

On the other hand, when the lake ripples and a wave threatens to capsize the boats, it is said that the nymph believes having found his Trasimeno.